We offer 30-minute nurse-led rabbit consultations.

The clinics are free of charge, and the nurses will give a thorough nose to cotton tail examination and recommend any treatment if need be. Advice on; housing, diet, vaccinations, neutering, and general health and welfare will be given, and feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

If you are thinking of getting a companion for your existing rabbit, the nurses can advise on the best way of bonding, or even if you are just considering getting a pet rabbit, pop in and have a chat.

We understand that a vet visit for a rabbit can be stressful, it all starts with a car journey and ends in a busy and unfamiliar place. Taking that into consideration, no other clinics will be running at the same time.

We would recommend putting some bedding that has been used in the carry case, so your rabbit will have his/her scent around for comfort to minimize stress, also its a good idea to leave the carry case out for your rabbit to go in and out of whilst out in the garden, so its not a total shock when it is eventually used.

Please note if the your rabbit has a medical condition, then he / she will need to see the vet.

To book an appointment call reception on 01443 430944