Worried about bringing your cat for a visit? 

This can be stressful for both owner and cat, from the initial presentation of the carrier at home, through to the examination.

To make your cats visit as stress free as possible, have a look at the videos and leaflets below for some great tips.

We have a Feliway diffuser in constant operation in the waiting room, and we provide cage covers and Feliway spray, if you don’t have anything at home. The spray will calm your cat, whilst the cover will provide a sight barrier from dogs and other cats. If you choose not to use the covers or spray, just by having the carrier on your lap can make a big difference. Cats feel vulnerable at a low level, and instinct will tell them to get to a high vantage point to feel safe, we also have a cat only clinic every Thursday morning between 10 & 12pm.

Feliway is a pheromone that is clinically proven to reduce stress for cats, you can learn more about Feliway and its benefits by clicking the link below.

Feliway website

All our staff have completed a cat friendly handling course, and have also been trained in the Feliway products, we are all here to help if you have any questions


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