Its getting colder and colder as the days go on, if you have a senior dog, this can effect his or her mobility, extra bedding will be great to retain heat overnight. Do not be tempted to put your dogs bed up close to a radiator or a fire, as he or she might not be fast enough to move out of the way if the heat gets too intense. Specially lined jackets are great for walkies on these crisp mornings, and cold nights.





Expecting a baby? Already have a dog? If you are worried about how the dog will cope when the new bundle of joy arrives, why not try sound therapy? The Dogs trust have teamed up with vets, to offer a free sound based treatment programme. The link below will take you to the sounds Soothing download and the how to use booklet.

Sounds soothing  



Are you a parent? If so you may notice how quiet the home is during the day, now schools have returned. While you might enjoy the peace, your pets may feel lonely without the hustle and bustle. Please make sure they are kept happy and stimulated – they will soon get used to less of a crowd!



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